The Printable Packet Adobe Illustrator Templates


Design Printables in MINUTES with The Printable Packet Templates


With The Printable Packet templates and mini course, I'll show you how to jump right into the FUN part of design.

The Printable Packet includes over 70 Adobe Illustrator Templates that:

  • Make designing in Illustrator EASY, without losing CREATIVE CONTROL
  • You can quickly CUSTOMIZE colors, patterns, and fonts to fit your style.
  • You can INSERT any SVG Files and clip art to your printables.
  • Use OVER and OVER again to create as many printables as you like, all with a COMMERCIAL LICENSE!

So what's included in the Printable Packet Adobe Illustrator Templates?

  • 75 Adobe Illustrator Templates
  • 14 Page Resource Guide
  • Easy to follow Video Tutorials
  • PLUS!!! 8 Bonus Files

Let's Break it down! The Templates include:

  • INVITATIONS in 5 shapes and 3 sizes each ($25 VALUE)
  • ENVELOPES in 2 shapes and 3 sizes ($10 VALUE)
  • BANNERS in 5 shapes and 3 sizes each ($25 VALUE)
  • CUPCAKE TOPPERS in 4 different shapes ($10 VALUE)
  • CUPCAKE WRAPPERS in 2 shapes ($5 VALUE)
  • NOTE CARDS in 3 shapes and 2 sizes ($15 VALUE)
  • FOLDABLE CARDS in 3 shapes and 2 sizes ($10 VALUE)
  • TREAT BAG TOPPERS in 2 shapes and 3 sizes ($10 VALUE)
  • BOTTLE WRAPPERS in 3 shapes ($5 VALUE)
  • 3D BOXES in 2 shapes and 5 sizes ($25 VALUE)
  • PARTY CONES in 2 sizes ($5 VALUE)

Want to learn more? Check out all the info and FAQ's here.

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